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Hi there !!!, I am Edmund Lim, the Founder of NextSGProperty, 您德房产. Let me share my short story on how I came about into the Singapore Real Estate Industry

I have been always a keen learner and primarily in Business Development and Digital Marketing. On top of that, I also enjoy in talking to people from different walks of life. So, in this Real Estate Industry, it gave me the arena to enjoy what I am doing at my best. 


Also, since each and every family or individual requirements is different, this set up a platform for me to truly enjoy the whole process. Well, some of the interesting brain wracking moments are:


  • Parents are planning to enrol their child to a well-known Primary school within 1km. What are the key requirements especially on the Property Address used for registration?

  • My HDB is having negative Sale, any chance that the Accrued Interests will be waived off?

  • If I sell off my current property, do I need to top up the Full Retirement Sum?

  • Do I have enough reserve funds for my next property?

  • Should I buy an EC and pay the Resale Levy ?

  • Can I can sell my HDB and move to a Resale Condo without paying upfront ABSD first ?



Within a short span of few years, through my passion in Real Estate and strong satisfaction in helping all his clients to achieve their property planning journey, I have helped many clients to successfully progress in their Asset Progression journey. Please do head down to my blog to read how I have helped many families to proceed smoothly to their next property. 


Furthermore, with my rich Digital Marketing experience and a strong empathy towards all my clients, I aim to further add on to this high service level and a positive impact in this Real Estate Industry.

This can be seen in how I have helped my clients to achieve and even broke their transactions Sales Record in their area. 

Asset Progression Journey









Happy Couple

Quality Guarantee

Full assurance for a SMOOTH transition from your current Property to your next Property

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