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Private New Home Sales - May 2022/ 新私宅销售月报 - 􏚳􏚱􏚳􏚳2022年5􏚶月

Sales came roaring back in May after a relatively slower performance in the earlier part of the year. Private new home sales surged in May 2022 on robust sales at two project launches, with Piccadilly Grand and Liv @ MB contributing to about 41% of the month’s transaction tally.

In all, developers sold 1,356 new private homes (excluding Executive Condos) in May,

representing a 105.5% jump from the revised 660 units transacted in the previous month.

This is also the highest monthly new home sales since 1,547 units were sold in November 2021.

When compared to May 2021, developers’ sales were up by 51.5% in May 2022. May’s sales

took the total new home sales for the first five months of 2022 to 3,841 units (ex. ECs) – down by 32% from the 5,658 units transacted in the corresponding period of 2021.

Click on the below to DOWNLOAD the latest report on the Private New Home Sales - May 2022

May 2022 Report ENG
Download PDF • 3.57MB

自2022 年较早

月份相对缓慢的市场表现后,2022 年5 月的新私宅销售活动强势回升。鑫丽嘉

园(Piccadilly Grand)和丽福苑(Liv @ MB)两个新盘的表现强劲,占交易总额约41%,促

使2022 年 5 月新私宅销售激增。

开发商于 5 月共售出了 1,356 套新私宅(不包括行执行共管公寓EC),较上个月修正后的

660 笔交易增长了 105.5%。这也是自 2021 年 11 月售出 1,547 套新私宅以来,最高的新私宅月销量。与 2021 年 5 月相比,2022 年 5 月的开发商销量增长了 51.5%。5 月份的销量,促使 2022 年前五个月至今的新私宅总销量达 3,841 个单位(不包括 EC),比 2021 年同期成交的 5,658 个单位下降了 32%。

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May 2022 Report CHI
Download PDF • 3.77MB

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